I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can reset your password here: Forgot password.

How can I change my username/callsign?

You can change it here: Change username.

How can I receive alerts on my smartphone?

There are three options:

How can I receive alerts on my desktop computer?

Here are some ideas:

I'm not receiving any alerts – what's wrong?

Please check/note the following:

What is the difference between the “Callsign” and “Full callsign” conditions?

The “full callsign” is exactly how the callsign was received from the source, including prefixes/suffixes, if any. So if you use a “full callsign” condition, the callsign in the spot must match 100% what you entered in the trigger condition. For the “callsign” condition, any prefixes/suffixes are stripped before comparison.

Example 1

Condition: Full callsign = HB9DQM
Spot: F/HB9DQM/P
The trigger will not be executed.

Example 2

Condition: Full callsign = HB9DQM/P
Spot: HB9DQM/P
The trigger will be executed.

Example 3

Condition: Callsign = HB9DQM
Spot: F/HB9DQM/P
The trigger will be executed.

How do I use the Club Log integration?

You can link your Club Log account with your HamAlert account so that you can use Club Log's information on which DXCCs or band slots (DXCC + band) you have not worked yet.

To get started, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an Application Password for HamAlert in your Club Log account.
  2. Go to the HamAlert Account page and enter your Club Log email address and the Application Password that you just created.
  3. Create a new trigger by clicking the + button on the Triggers page.
  4. Decide whether you're interested in unworked DXCCs only, or in unworked band slots.

DXCCs only

Band slots

How can I delete spots in the HamAlert app?

Swipe left to delete spots in the app. Spots will also disappear automatically after 24 hours.

I'm getting too many alerts, what can I do?

Try to make your triggers more specific by adding more conditions, so the alerts that you get match more precisely what you are interested in. You can also set limits on the number of alerts per time interval — either on a general basis or just for the same callsign/band/mode. However, it is more useful to reduce the amount of alerts that you get by making specific triggers, as setting low limits will just cause you to miss alerts on a seemingly random basis (whenever the limit was reached).

If you are using the HamAlert app and want to temporarily stop push notifications, you can do so conveniently within the app using the switch in the left side menu.

Why has my trigger been automatically disabled?

HamAlert automatically disables triggers that match more than 10000 spots per day. If a trigger matches so many spots, it is a clear indication that the trigger conditions are too broad, making the trigger relatively useless, since it will only match a random set of spots (moderated by the rate limits). Furthermore, it causes unnecessary load on the HamAlert backend, because many spots will match such triggers, only for the prepared alert to be suppressed by rate limiting.

Please add or refine the conditions on such triggers so that they are more specific and will only match the spots that you are really interested in. This is for your own good, as irrelevant alerts will only waste your time, and it helps HamAlert by not putting unnecessary load on its backend.

What does this cost?

Nothing! I intend to make HamAlert available for free to the amateur radio community for as long as I can afford the time (and money) to keep the system running and capable of handling the number of users. While I try my best to keep the system available and performing at all times, there are obviously no guarantees.

Where can I get an image with my last spot to put on my page?

On the account page (after logging in) – look for “MySpot”.